Women & HIV Webinar Series

Module #1: Introduction- This introductory module to the Women & HIV webinar series provides background information on the webinar and how to use it. This module also helps you to explore existing beliefs and attitudes towards HIV that may impact your work.

Module #1 Supplementary Materials:

Why people might not talk about sex


Module #2: HIV Basics- In this module you will learn the basics of HIV transmission and prevention.

Module #2 Supplementary Materials:

Levels of Risk

Myths about HIV

Module #2 Quiz


Module #3: Women & HIV- In this module you will learn about the occurrence and patterns of HIV among women in Ontario, as well as gain an understanding of what biological and social risk factors put women at a greater risk for HIV infection.

Module # 3 Supplementary Materials

Biological Susceptibility - Women & HIV

The Social Determinants of Health

The Role of Stigma & Marginalization

Module #3 Quiz - Women & HIV


Module #4: The Role of the Service Provider- This module will help you to gain an understanding of how you can support women in your community who are living with, affected by, or at risk of HIV. It will also offer suggestions and guidelines to create a safe and supportive environment for women within your organization.

Module #4 Supplementary Materials:

Safer Spaces Checklist

Effective Communication

Quiz - Your Role as a Service Provider


Module #5: SummaryHere we will review the information presented in the last four modules. 

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