Trans-Normativity: Rewriting the Script on Gender and Expectation - Owen Sound

Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 17:30

Join us for this interactive workshop about trans and non-binary life, survival, and love in Owen Sound:

Her Wellness
925 2nd Ave E, Owen Sound, ON N4K 2H5

Exploring the wider realities of living while trans, how gender plays into every aspect of our lives and culture as well as all of our concepts of self. How do we move in gendered spaces that we were not raised in? How do we actively rebuke harmful aspects of it while still seeking acceptance and safety? What this mean for cisgender people, for trans people, as well as acknowledging the current and historical realities of non-binary, third gender, and two-spirit people?

There will be discussions around living “stealth” and how decisions around disclosure can impact our comfort, safety, and well-being. We will also explore topics such as health, fitness, lifestyle, dating, and concepts of family - both given, chosen, and those we create.

**This workshop is open to trans and cis people, partners, friends, and allies. Cisgender attendees are encouraged to be mindful of the space they inhabit and centre the conversation on, for, and about the experiences of trans and non-binary people.