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Posted November 11, 2015 by Dylan Scribbles
You know when you LOOOOOOVE something, but you know it’s no good? That boy/ girl who’s great in bed, but treats you like shit. That movie that scares the hell out of you, but you watch it anyway. Drinking… smoking.
Damn, I LOVE smoking.
Posted September 18, 2014 by Dylan Scribbles
"Plants and Animals can help us reconnect to a reality we've lost track of." 
Posted August 13, 2014 by Dylan Scribbles
the veins of my arm pour to the ground, blackbleed into the grass, rip through the dirtgrasping at roots, anything, something to ground mehold me income back, come back, come backempty bottleopen sorefalling teeth and broken skinlips tight, no cryingI died so long agobut is this how to remember life?
Posted July 24, 2014 by Dylan Scribbles
Floating like I'll never come downSo solid in the airLike I don't remember the ground
Branches reaching outTrying for a chunk of clothNo words can leave my mouth
Burning in my cocoonBurning as I leave itFlames rip from my lungsI am new, I am reborn
Posted July 18, 2014 by Dylan Scribbles
A while ago I stumbled upon the concept of "aggressive self love". I think people as a whole tend to forget that our bodies are truly ours. We are constantly dealing with many kinds of media telling us how to look, dress and act. We are also constantly told to ignore these messages and live our own lives. But that's it. We are not led into deeper discussion as to what it means to live our own lives and own our own bodies.