Hepatitis C Program

Hep-tonic is a cool new program that provides education to youth and adults on Hep C, HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections. Using a harm reduction approach, the Hep-tonic program strives to increase awareness of prevention and transmission of Hep C, as well as access to testing, care, treatment and referrals. Hep-tonic provides people with accurate information and education on; living well with Hep C and how to protect your own sexual health from Hep C and other sexually transmitted blood borne infections.

Hep-tonic is not strictly geared toward youth. If you are living with, think you might have, or at risk for Hep C we can lead you in the right direction.

Street Outreach
With the help of our peer outreach workers, the Hep-tonic program will be doing street level outreach, providing people with education on how to make safe and healthy choices.

Are you living with Hep C and would like to learn more about something new?
Have you gone through treatment and would like to share your personal story with others?
Do you think you may be at risk for Hep C, and would like to learn more about it, and how to make safer healthier choices?
Are you a service provider that would like to learn more about Hep C, transmission and prevention?

If you answered YES to any of these questions please contact our Hepatitis C Outreach Coordinator, at: 519-763-2255 ext 154, or by text at 519-803-3885